Kay Kyser

Titres Populaires

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Jingle, Jangle, Jingle

de The Ultimate Collection (1939-1947)


Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition

de The Ultimate Collection (1939-1947)


So You Left Me for the Leader of a Swing Band?

de Huggin' and Chalkin'


What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

de Christmas Classics 3


Why Don't We Do This More Often

de A Strict Education in Music



Kay Kyser - The Great
Kay Kyser - Jingle Jangle Jingle
Kay Kyser - A Strict Education in Music
Kay Kyser - That's for Me

Singles & EP

Kay Kyser - Managua, Nicaragua
Kay Kyser - Ole Buttermilk Sky
Kay Kyser - The Old Lamp-Lighter
Kay Kyser - Strip Polka
Kay Kyser - The Old Lamplighter
Kay Kyser - The Woody Woodpecker Song